Empower your shopping journey with AI technology

Vetted.ai is an AI-powered shopping assistant that helps you make informed purchasing decisions. By verifying reviews and prices from thousands of sources, including review sites, YouTube, and Reddit, their AI technology provides the most reliable and complete shopping knowledge available.

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Buddy: Your Child’s Personal AI English Tutor Online

Buddy is the online AI English tutor for your child! Buddy uses games and activities to motivate kids to keep learning and is equipped with the latest voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology, allowing it to hear and respond to children’s questions and requests. With Buddy, kids can learn English anytime they want without the hassle and expense of scheduling sessions.

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The future of AGI is coming

Newly Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT has been introduced by OpenAI. It can give you the answer to any question like the Google search system for example. ChatGPT interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Try it now.

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You can automate workflow

Microsoft Syntex is a Microsoft 365 service that uses advanced content artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide an end-to-end intelligent document processing solution for your organization. With Syntex, you can automate your content-based processes—capturing the information in your business documents and transforming that information into working knowledge for your organization.

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