How to use artificial intelligence in management

  1. Business management –
  2. Al divides  the task into small parts and distributes them to those employees who are better at tackling the challenges at a certain stage.
  3. PI – process intelligence.  AI analyzes business processes and pinpoints problems or issues  in them –
  4. The robot program reads documents in paper or electronic form and emails analyzes them, classifies and  arranges them according to priorities and other criteria for further processing by people –
  5. Decision making automation.
  6. Service will provide you with artificial intelligence service for real-time transcription of audio-video conferences or voice conversations into an electronic document, including translation into different languages. It can be used in various fields such as legal transcription for court reports, education, e-learning, online courses, media production, enterprise, and general business.
  7. RPA – robotics process automation – allows you to automate the routine actions of an office employee on a computer (for example, download, decompose, fill in electronic forms, transfer data from paper media, etc.) this system improves itsself when it is running on your employee’s computer and simply copies its actions or a sequence of actions, it is especially useful for repeated actions such as sorting incoming mails and documents.
  8. The virtual assistant reminds you of meetings, calls, necessary actions, etc.
  9. The program on your smartphone with ML selects news according to your interests – tonic.
  10. Service for checking spelling and style of text written in English, is installed as an addition in the browser, fixes errors and evaluates the emotional part of the text –
  11. Online translation of voice messages and texts for communication in different languages Skype,
  12. AI recognizes  texts in photos and converts it into any convenient form
  13. Voice control of various systems and interfaces
  14. Ai administrates your mailbox, recognizes, classifies and arranges mails in order of importance –
  15. Al administrates electricity consumption in enterprises and helps to save up to 25%
  16. Intelligent/smart enterprise infrastructure monitoring –
  17. Object management using virtual and augmented reality VRAR –