Examples of artificial intelligence in customer service

  • AI for the contact center, the speech recognition system analyzes the client’s voice requests and analyzes the rudeness and incorrect work of your employee communicating with a client by notes. Monitoring the usage of conversation scripts by operators, analyzing repeated customer complaints to reduce repeated calls, monitoring interruptions and pauses, monitoring by markers, identifying the main causes of incoming calls, identifying calls containing rejections, analyzing objection handling, analyzing the inaction and efficiency of a call center operator, providing data to reports in the CPM and tables, assisting the security service, identifying and controlling conversations to avoid long and meaningless dialogs, a set of a database of key answers to standard questions for yes chatbots, application areas call centers, sales departments, quality control departments, technical support, hotlines, security services, advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns – winimy.aibold360.comujet.coDynamics 365 virtual agent for customer service

  • Voice and chatbots automate the call center: collecting debts, prolonging expiry dates of insurance, increasing credit cards, transmitting counter data, questions about tariffs, telemarketing, surveys, training, customer support, concierge services, headhunting, entertainment, helplines, advertising, cross-sales, making, making an appointment with a specialist, escorting cargo delivery, verifying the client by voice, the Robot can make a call at the best time for a client, conduct a dialogue on scripts of any difficulty. The robot is not subject to emotions and fatigue, sending messages and emails during the dialogue is 7 times cheaper than a minute of the operator’s conversation, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in different time zones or as around-the-clock call center, the call protocol is recorded and stored in the client’s database.

  • AI voice office assistant recognizes speech, emotions, determines gender and age, eliminates noise on the records of conversations with customers and converts recorded conversations into text form, integrates with the customer’s communication platform. It will help with logging, decryption, and voice filing of documents. An intelligent agent (voice robot, assistant operator, voice office assistant), can be used in call centers, and smart gadgets, to create subtitles for audio and video content, recognize emotions, and understand the development of a conversation.

  • AI moderates messages on your social networks and other channels of communication with customers – smartmoderation.com