How you can use Artificial Intelligence in your private life

All areas

  • Newly Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT has been introduced by OpenAI. It can give you the answer to any question like Wikipedia for example. ChatGPT interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. Try it now.


  • Service Eightify is AI-powered summaries for YouTube videos. You can save time and quickly get the key points from the video as text.

  • Buddy is the online AI English tutor for your child! Buddy uses games and activities to motivate kids to keep learning and is equipped with the latest voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology, allowing it to hear and respond to children’s questions and requests. With Buddy, kids can learn English anytime they want without the hassle and expense of scheduling sessions.

  •, a new service, allows you to quickly and easily transform your text into professional, engaging videos featuring virtual presenters. For example, you can quickly create – news, video presentations, or educational materials.

  • Skoove AI service and smartphone app can be your piano instructor. It can give you online lessons, recognize how good you are at the piano, and give you some tips.

Health and Sports

  • First AI yoga assistant Zenia helps you practice yoga. This app on your smartphone can give you advice on whether you are doing your exercises correctly, schedule your workouts, check your progress in practice, and much more.
  • Startup offers you a personal AI trainer. It is a human-sized display mirror with webcams and speakers, priced at $ 1,395, that recognized movement and analyzes the athlete’s condition during training. During training, the user sees not only himself, but also the trainer’s record, and the automatic system evaluates the correctness of the movements according to the template. The algorithms of the program complicate the level of learning and provide feedback and recommendations based on the goals and preferences of the user to achieve maximum results.


  • Healthcare service Ada and their AI bot for a smartphone can faster help people understand, manage, and get care for their symptoms of disease with trusted medical expertise in minutes. It will help you diagnose disease symptoms and make an appointment with a doctor.


  • is an AI-powered shopping assistant that helps you make informed purchasing decisions. By verifying reviews and prices from thousands of sources, including review sites, YouTube, and Reddit, their AI technology provides the most reliable and complete shopping knowledge available.


  • is your artificial intelligence assistant that records your voice conversations, meetings, etc. into an electronic document. This will allow you not to be distracted by written notes or minutes of your meetings and have useful minutes of your meetings.
  • AI-powered resume builder can help you write your resume automatically. This service is based on’s GPT-3 neural network and is trained on thousands of top resumes.
  • Microsoft and Open AI have introduced a new AI digital assistant for programmers that can give them tips and advice on how to improve their program code. This system called CoPilot works online, it learns from millions of lines of code from programmers around the world who use the well-known social network for programmers GitHub. You can try using CoPilot here.
  • The service can automatically convert your video and audio to text. It helps you to a transcript, translate text to over 40 languages, make automated subtitles, and search for words, phrases, and themes across all your video transcripts. The service uses Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies and can be integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, Loom, Uber Conference, WebEx, Skype, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, and other services.
  • The free service can automatically colorize black and white photos. You only need to upload your pictures and give some comments to the system and the artificial intelligence will do the rest of the work.

Entertainment and social media

  • Startup can help you automate the process of preparing your videos for various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Snap Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snap. It uses AI that can automatically edit and convert video to different formats or requirements of social networks. By using this service you will have more tools for working with videos online and save time.

Design and Art

  • is a new platform that offers a free service for adding color to black and white photos using artificial intelligence. The service can be easily used by simply commenting on the photo that you want to colorize.
  • Text-to-image generation: AI algorithms can be used to generate images based on text descriptions, allowing designers to easily create visualizations of concepts or ideas. recently conducted a review of 14 AI art generators. After testing, they have ranked the following:
  1. Midjourney
  2. Wombo Dream
  3. Stable Diffusion 2
  4. DALL-E 2
  5. StarryAI
  6. Nightcafe
  7. Deep Dream Generator
  8. Craiyon
  10. Stable Diffusion 
  11. Dream Studio
  12. DeepAI
  13. Hotpot
  14. Fotor