How you can use Artificial Intelligence in your company

Currently automating different forms of business processes in companies is accelerating worldwide and allows for reducing costs and contributes to increasing business efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are significantly inferior to humans in understanding the context of problems, events, situations, reality, and the environment, but AI is more effective at work than people in many areas of our lives because AI makes decisions acting out of emotions, does not get tired and keeps constantly learning. AI is supposed to find correlations and changes in various data, systems, human behavior, etc, based on this it is supposed to create and use various models to increase the efficiency and automation of companies, putting people out from monotonous work.

Many solutions are being developed or have globally been applied and used in ML and AI. I will tell you how you can roll out AI in your business with examples of services available now.

Company process management

  1. Business management –
  2. Al divides the task into small parts and distributes them to those employees who are better at tackling the challenges at a certain stage.
  3. PI – process intelligence.  AI analyzes business processes and pinpoints problems or issues  in them –
  4. The robot program reads documents in paper or electronic form and emails analyze them, classifies, and  arranges them according to priorities and other criteria for further processing by people –,,,
  5. Decision-making automation.

HR department

  1. The service helps your HR department to analyze the employee’s work efficiency and his desire to continue working for your company. Retain your best employees, Monitor corporate health, Cease conflicts and identify toxic managers, and Identify your High Potential for example –
  2. Personnel training by personal programs that AI composed with understanding characteristics of the employee controls achievements without forgetting to ask screening questions, makes them revise something forgotten or not learned, and keeps a record of learning tracks of each employee individually –
  3. Al provides coaching and assistance to sales directors to increase the efficiency of the sales department –
  4. AI makes a preliminary selection of resumes according to the given parameters –
  5. AI helps you to find talented and qualified specialists and suitable employees on the Internet –
  6. AI searches for potential employees with the help of a robot program that makes calls to potential employees and does a pre-interview on the phone or a video call via Skype –,

Legal Department

  1. AI reads through the contracts before signing them and finds weak points or works according to the specified parameters, identifying points needed for the lawyer –,


  1. AI looks for company information on the Internet, for example, company reviews, and helps to respond to them
  2. Managing online advertising campaigns provides an understanding of the effectiveness of various advertising channels using ML
  3. AI generates music to accompany your videos and other things, you will not have to pay royalties for background music –,
  4. AI calls customers and offers goods or services or studies their user experience
  5. The interests of  your site visitors according to their social networks – 
  6. AI generates texts or descriptions using keywords, for example – runs on GPT-2 from
  7. Personalization of your site for each client and his requests.
  8. AI synthesizes a voice message from a text or paper presentation based on the voice proposed by the customer using the same emotional tone, strength, and timbre of the voice, automatically informing customers about new tariffs, new services, and products through different voice communication channels with the client.
  9. AI collects customers’ wishes, suggestions, or expectations on a product using a chatbot and voice robot – Dynamics 365 virtual agent for customer service

Sales department

  1. AI offers products and services that could be  interesting for clients based on their actions on your site –,
  2. Chatbots that help you with communicating to your customers on your site, in social networks or via email for example – Google chatbot designer with simple integration, other examples are,
  3. Robot calls your customers to sell services or products using a voice bot (a per-minute charge) –
  4. Voice chatbots sell goods or services by communicating with a client, realizing their current needs, or when a customer contacts a customer service –,
  5. AI chatbot analyzes the emotions of a customer from the  video and photo, on facial expressions and voice and corrects communication –,,
  6. Sales management, dynamic price formation, discounts, etc from geo-targeting –,,
  7. AI makes personalizes sales –
  8. AI with its computer vision recognizes the buyer by gender, age, etc, and helps your employee to build further communication based on this information.
  9. Computer vision allows providing payment for purchases or services using a fingerprint or face recognition.
  10. AI monitors with the help of its computer vision and sensors the availability of goods on the shelves and sends a signal to replenish them. The system understands the desires of customers and provides recommendations for them –,, and Microsoft dynamics 365 connected store. 
  11. AI predicts a surge in demand for goods and makes recommendations –
  12. Voice assistants at home and in different gadgets can recommend your company’s products when a consumer uses voice assistant to decide what product to buy Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Microsoft’s Cortana,,
  13. Google Trends  shows trends in consumers’ interests in various topics and products –
  14. Machine learning helps in handling communication with a client; his history, needs, desires, complaints, etc –
  15. AI helps the doctor when he communicates with a patient; AI listens, understands (for example, medical terms), and records the conversation with the patient, records complaints, diagnoses, recommendations, and prescriptions, etc in the patient’s electronic card and in the future reminds the patient to schedule an appointment or take medicine on schedule – Amazon Transcribe Medical, 
  16. AI tracks long queues and offers solutions to solve this problem – Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce.
  17. AI receives data from offline and online retailers, helps with supplying chain management, and plans advertising and sales – Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce.
  18. Smart stylist automatically creates a 3D model of the body and matches it to product data and user return
  19. AI analyzes the voice and emotions of your customers and employees in their dialogs to improve the quality of communication, monitoring of compliance with dialogue scenarios, optimizes KPI, provides objective monitoring of the quality of customer service, and reduces costs on hidden shoppers.
  20. AI reads the customer’s reaction to the product or communication with the consultant and makes reports for analysis.

Customer support

  1. AI for the contact center, the speech recognition system analyzes the client’s voice requests and analyzes the rudeness and incorrect work of your employee communicating with a client by notes. Monitoring the usage of conversation scripts by operators, analyzing repeated customer complaints to reduce repeated calls, monitoring interruptions and pauses, monitoring by markers, identifying the main causes of incoming calls, identifying calls containing rejections, analyzing objection handling, analyzing the inaction and efficiency of a call center operator, providing data to reports in the CPM and tables, assisting the security service, identifying and controlling conversations to avoid long and meaningless dialogs, a set of a database of key answers to standard questions for yes chatbots, application areas call centers, sales departments, quality control departments, technical support, hotlines, security services, advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns –,,, Dynamics 365 virtual agent for customer service
  2. Voice and chatbots automate the call center: collecting debts, prolonging expiry dates of insurance, increasing credit cards, transmitting counter data, questions about tariffs, telemarketing, surveys, training, customer support, concierge services, headhunting, entertainment, helplines, advertising, cross-sales, making, making an appointment with a specialist, escorting cargo delivery, verifying the client by voice, the Robot can make a call at the best time for a client, conduct a dialogue on scripts of any difficulty. The robot is not subject to emotions and fatigue, sending messages and emails during the dialogue is 7 times cheaper than a minute of the operator’s conversation, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in different time zones or as an around-the-clock call center, the call protocol is recorded and stored in the client’s database.
  3. AI voice office assistant recognizes speech, emotions, determines gender and age, eliminates noise on the records of conversations with customers and converts recorded conversations into text form, integrates with the customer’s communication platform. It will help with logging, decryption, and voice filing of documents. An intelligent agent (voice robot, assistant operator, voice office assistant), can be used in call centers, and smart gadgets, to create subtitles for audio and video content, recognize emotions, and to understand the development of a conversation.
  4. AI moderates messages on your social networks and other channels of communication with customers –

Product Development Management

  1. AI divides the individual parts of the task between freelancers or company employees according to their skills and capabilities.
  2. AI tests programs and sites according to a given algorithm instead of a person
  3. AI selects project analogs on the network
  4. AI makes the site using only a JPEG image as a technical task.
  5. Preparing your company’s big data for ML and AI –,

All departments

  1. RPA – robotics process automation – allows you to automate the routine actions of an office employee on a computer (for example, download, decompose, fill in electronic forms, transfer data from paper media, etc.) this system improves itself when it is running on your employee’s computer and simply copies its actions or a sequence of actions, it is especially useful for repeated actions such as sorting incoming emails and documents.
  2. The virtual assistant reminds you of meetings, calls, necessary actions, etc.
  3. The program on your smartphone with ML selects news according to your interests – tonic.
  4. Service for checking spelling and style of text written in English, is installed as an addition in the browser, fixes errors, and evaluates the emotional part of the text –
  5. Online translation of voice messages and texts for communication in different languages Skype,
  6. AI recognizes text in photos and converts them into any convenient form
  7. Voice control of various systems and interfaces
  8. Ai administrates your mailbox, recognizes, classifies, and arranges emails in order of importance –
  9. Al administrates electricity consumption in enterprises and helps to save up to 25%
  10. Intelligent/smart enterprise infrastructure monitoring –
  11. Object management using virtual and augmented reality VRAR –


  1. AI and robots automate warehouse operations
  2. AI creates optimal routes to deliver  various goods and components to the warehouse –

Security and safety

  1. With the help of surveillance cameras, computer vision recognizes the safety of the workplace, the use of helmets or other equipment by your employees and gives a warning signal about unsafe work at a facility –
  2. Recognition of employees to allow them to be admitted to various locations –,


  1. AI predicts equipment breakdowns by sound from equipment, usage intensity, etc.
  2. AI controls production, such as steel smelting, and adds ligation increments as many as needed and saves them on.


  1. Using drones, farmers take photos and upload photos of fields and diseased plants into the system, and AI identifies existing problems and provides recommendations.
  2. Robotic systems with sensors and video cameras feed the cattle and analyze their condition, identifying diseases and other problems.

Stages of AI implementation in companies

  1. AI legacy – Al little use in processes of a company.
  2. AI ready – AI and ML points used to transform key processes of a company.
  3. AI native – AI is used  to transform all processes and build the AI platform in your company

By selecting and implementing new technologies from the field of AI, you can easily scale them using cloud technologies from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google, and IBM.

If you want to develop AI-based tools yourself, you can use various off-the-shelf platforms, for example – from Google or design your chatbot for your site using – from Google.

Some terms and abbreviations

AIAAS – rents AI by the hour, day, week, and development will allow you to avoid investing in the development of AI services and use these services according to your requests, at the right time, and for specific tasks.

IPA – Intelligent process automation.

ML – machine learning.

RPA – Robotic process automation. RPA systems develop the action list by watching the user perform that task in the application’s graphical user interface (GUI) and then perform the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. This can lower the barrier to the use of automation in products that might not otherwise feature APIs for this purpose.

RaaS – robots as a service provides robots on demand, when and where needed that allow you to avoid purchasing robots for a lot of money and rent a robot with payment for the time or by results. Forgoing a capital expenditure (CAPEX), or lowering the cost of entry to robotic automation, RaaS can be useful for companies.

VPA – virtual personal assistants.