Artificial Intelligence in development and research

  • DeepCode is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help software engineers analyze code in real time, find critical bugs and show you how to fix them.

  • Microsoft and Open AI have introduced a new AI digital assistant for programmers that can give them tips and advice on how to improve their program code. This system called CoPilot works online, it learns from millions of lines of code from programmers around the world who use the well-known social network for programmers Github. You can try using CoPilot here.

  • Startup Denigma introduced an AI service that can comment on code and help developers deal with someone else’s code.

  • AI divides the individual parts of the task between freelancers or company employees according to their skills and capabilities.

  • AI tests programs and sites according to a given algorithm instead of a person

  • AI selects project analogues on the network

  • AI makes the site using only a JPEG image as a technical task.

  • Startup Artificial offers scientists a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that automates the workflow in a science lab. Scientists can focus on research and not waste time on routine. This platform provides a digital assistant, stores and processes research data controls various laboratory equipment, and provides other services.