How you can use Artificial Intelligence in your HR department

Below you will find examples of how you can automate the work of the human resource department.

  • Google’s Interview Warmup service is designed to assist you in preparing for interview questions in English. By utilizing this tool, your spoken responses are transcribed and analyzed to provide valuable feedback. The AI-powered system can identify frequently used words and highlight areas for improvement, ultimately guiding you toward more effective communication during interviews.
  • Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform empowers organizations to be resilient, understand their skills and capabilities, build more agile workforce plans, and attract, retain, upskill and redeploy their talent.

  • The service helps your HR department to analyze the employee’s work efficiency and his desire to continue working for your company. Retain your best employees, Monitor corporate health, Cease conflicts and identify toxic managers, and Identify your High Potential for example –

  • Personnel training by personal programs that AI composes with understanding characteristics of the employee controls achievements without forgetting to ask screening questions, makes them revise something forgotten or not learned, and keeps a record of learning tracks of each employee individually –

  • Al provides coaching and assistance to sales directors to increase the efficiency of the sales department –

  • AI makes a preliminary selection of resumes according to the given parameters –

  • AI helps you to find talented and qualified specialists and suitable employees on the Internet –

  • AI searches for potential employees with the help of a robot program that makes calls to potential employees and does a pre-interview on the phone or a video call via Skype –,

  • AI-powered resume builder can help you write your resume automatically. This service is based on’s GPT-3 neural network and is trained on thousands of top resumes.