You can use AI services in marketing in the following ways.

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  1. AI looks for company information on the Internet, for example company reviews and helps to respond to them
  2. Managing online advertising campaigns provides understanding the effectiveness of various advertising channels using ML
  3. AI generates music to accompany your videos and other things, you will not have to pay royalties for background music –
  4. AI calls customers and offers goods or services or studies their user experience
  5. The interests of  your site visitors according to their social networks – 
  6. AI generates texts or descriptions using keywords, for example – runs on GPT-2 from
  7. Personalization of your site for each client and his requests.
  8. AI synthesizes a voice message from a text or paper presentations based on the voice proposed by the customer using the same emotional tone, strength and timbre of the voice, automatically informing customers about new tariffs, new services and products through different voice communication channels with the client.
  9. AI collects customers’ wishes, suggestions or expectations on a product using chatbot and voice robot – Dynamics 365 virtual agent for customer service
  10. Artificial Intelligence Digital Design Assistant helps you create a presentation for your business or organization. It uses the rules of great design, modern ideas, and the experience of many designers from all over the world.
  11. Service uses Artificial intelligence to help you optimize your landing page, perform A/B tests and automatically select the best headline, ad, and Call to Action. It uses GPT-3 technology which has a huge dataset of successful advertisements. AI tool will automatically choose the best combinations of text and show them to your users.
  12. Startup can help you automate the process of preparing your videos for various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Snap Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap. It uses AI that can automatically edit and convert video to different formats or requirements of social networks. By using this service you will have more tools for working with videos online and save your time.
  13. The AI ​​service Travis AI, integrated into the content marketing and advertising automation platform Ocoya, has many features. It can generate text for blogs, stories, website content, emails, Youtube videos, descriptions, project ideas, product names, post captions, product descriptions and reviews, Google or Facebook ad text, tweet ideas, automatic content translation into other languages, etc. You only have to describe your idea, tone, or purpose of the text for content marketing or advertising, and Travis AI will write it in seconds.
  14. The service can automatically convert your video and audio to text. It helps you to a transcript, translate text to over 40 languages, make automated subtitles, search for words, phrases, and themes across all your video transcripts. The service uses Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies and can be integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, Loom, Uber Conference, WebEx, Skype, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, and other services.