How to use artificial intelligence in sales

On this page you can find examples of Artificial Intelligences that can be used in sales.

  1. Voice chatbots can sell goods or provide services communicating with a client, realizing their current needs or when a customer contacts a customer service see for example.
  2. AI can offer products and services that could be interesting for clients based on their actions on your site see, for example.
  3. Chatbots that help you with communicating to your customers on your site, in social networks or via email for example – Google chatbot designer with simple integration, other examples are
  4. Robot calls your customers to sell services or products using a voice bot (a per-minute charge) –
  5. AI chatbot analyzes the emotions of a customer from the  video and photo, on facial expressions and voice and corrects communication –,
  6. Sales management, dynamic price formation, discounts, etc from geo-targeting –
  7. AI makes personalizes sales –
  8. AI with its computer vision recognizes the buyer by gender, age etc and  helps your employee to build futher communication based on this information.
  9. Computer vision allows to provide payment for purchases or services using a fingerprint or face recognition.
  10. AI monitors with the help of its computer vision and sensors the availability of goods on the shelves and sends a signal to replenish them. The system understands the desires of customers and provides recommendations for them –, miscrosoft dynamics 365 connected store. 
  11. AI predicts surge in demand for goods and makes recommendations –
  12. Voice assistants at home and in different gadgets can recommend your company’s products when a consumer uses voice assistant deciding what product to buy Apple’s Siri, Amzaon Echo, Google Home, and Microsoft’s Cortana,
  13. Google trends  shows trends in consumers’ interests in various topics and products –
  14. Machine learning helps in handling communication with a client; his history, needs, desires, complaints, etc –
  15. AI helps the doctor when he communicates with a patient; AI listens, understands (for example, medical terms) and records the conversation with the patient, records complaints, diagnosis, recommendations and prescriptions etc in the patient’s electronic card and in the future reminds the patient to schedule an appointment or take medicine on schedule – Amazon Transcribe Medical, 
  16. AI tracks long queues and offers solutions to solve this problem – Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce.
  17. AI receives data from offline and online retailers, helps with supplying chain management and plans advertising and sales – Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce.
  18. Smart stylist automatically creates a 3D model of the body and matches it to product data and user return behavior –
  19. AI analyzes the voice and emotions of your customers and employees in their dialogs to improve the quality of communication, monitoring of compliance with dialogue scenarios, optimizes KPI, provides objective monitoring the quality of customer service, reduces costs on hidden shoppers.
  20. AI reads the customer’s reaction to the product or communication with the consultant and makes reports for analysis.