How you can use Artificial Intelligence in your personal live


Skoove AI service and smartphone app can be your piano instructor. It can give you online lessons, recognize how good you are at the piano, and give you some tips.

Health and Sports

First AI yoga assistant Zenia helps you practice yoga. This app on your smartphone can give you advice on whether you are doing your exercises correctly, schedule your workouts, check your progress in practice, and much more.


Healthcare service Ada and their AI bot for a smartphone can faster help people understand, manage, and get care for their symptoms of disease with trusted medical expertise in minutes. It will help you diagnose disease symptoms and make an appointment with a doctor.

Work is your artificial intelligence assistant that records your voice conversations, meetings, etc. into an electronic document. This will allow you not to be distracted by written notes or minutes of your meetings and have useful minutes of your meetings.

AI-powered resume builder can help you write your resume automatically. This service is based on’s GPT-3 neural network and is trained on thousands of top resumes.

Entertainment and social media

Startup can help you automate the process of preparing your videos for various social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Snap Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap. It uses AI that can automatically edit and convert video to different formats or requirements of social networks. By using this service you will have more tools for working with videos online and save your time.